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About Cross Lapland Marathon - C.L.M.


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take a look at our story and what we do to make world a better place

We are the Official website of Cross Lapland Marathon C.L.M. Our goal is to develop, promote and organize events for growing cities and communities, which need help. Events are organized for a good cause and on behalf of appointed charities.

How Did We Get Here?

Over the past years, we have developed marathon events in the Nordic countries & Scandinavia like no other. At this moment, C.L.M. is one of the most significant events in the Nordic countries & Scandinavia. Athletes from all over the world will be joining the event and enjoying Finnish Lapland's unique atmosphere.

The Municipality of Tervola Offers a Sneak Peek to Life in Lapland

The municipality has a population of 3,049 and covers an area of 1,592.03 square kilometers (614.69 sq mi), of which 32.66 km2(12.61 sq mi). The population density is 1.95 inhabitants per square kilometers (5.1/sq mi) in this small village.

The C.L.M. event will start a week before the traditional Tervola day.

"Ämpäripää" event. Ämpäripää translates to "Buckethead" in English. An official day is a popular event in Tervola (for many locals). During this day, the World Championship of bucket throwing and howling happens. After C.L.M. events, the celebration of the Buckethead day will continue.

C.L.M. is About Helping Others

The C.L.M. event focuses on developing cities, communities, and charities. Our aim is very clear. We wish to help people, cities, and the whole world for good causes. We donate the income of the event to charities, government organizations, and other relevant parties. Anyone with a clear plan or an idea of helping others can benefit from the event.

Thousands of volunteers and organizations come to help organize our event from around the world. We unite different cultures, ideas, people towards one goal "Do good for the world."

C.L.M. Offers Program for all ages

C.L.M. The event continues for a whole week with a trade show and consumer exhibition. The run show will be on the day before the last day of the event. You can meet elite runners, motivational speakers, and invited celebrities on this day. The event week will end with Tervola Buckethead day.

There are a lot of activities during the event week. You can find more information on related to some other touristic activities. For athletes who come with their families, we have made available many tour programs from wellbeing in nature to fun activities for all ages.

We promote news of business opportunities, Running, and other sports events related to the development of the cities we help.

We are actively seeking partners who can help.

We are continually looking for marketing opportunities, tour operators, and Entrepreneurs. Promoters, Digital marketers align with our mission and help develop our Trade Fair and Exhibition and Run Show. All our activities Sustainable, Eco-friendly and carbon-free. We invite you to meet and share your thoughts, ideas, and expertise. is managed by Legend Foundation, Tervola, Finland to benefit cities that need help in Nordic and Scandinavian countries.


Fun facts about C.L.M.

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Run for the couse that close to your hart and make a difference.

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