Cross Lapland Marathon

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Original Event Date : 30.8.2021.

Postponement Announcement date : 1 August 2021

NEW EVENT DATE: 20.8.2022


Cross Lapland Marathon open running events of half marathon and full marathon 5k, 10k events open for all ages. This is considered to be Finland's biggest marathon event of all time.

The Cross Lapland Marathon is an annual marathon running event held in Tervola, Finland, to be a part of the World Marathon Majors. The event was first to run in 2018 and has been in the summer of every year. The race has been sponsored by some major banks and sports products -local businesses and tourism Portal of Tervola, and organizes the event.

Agreement - To Cancel the Physical Presence

Register your place at the C.L.M. Marathon with an agreement to extend the physical participation from 2021 to 2022.

Run virtual for 2021 instead, depending COVID 19 situation in Finland.

International Participants / Athletics Associations

If you are coming from a non EU/EEA destination and you require an invitation for the event. We can provide you with an invitation letter for the event once you completed your registration and payment.

Please forward an official request via your national or regional running association requesting an invitation.

The national running association must indicate the past running experience of each member on their letterhead.

( We do not guarantee or grant or act as a body of visa process or travel arrangements, accommodations nor act as an agent on behalf of you)

Participants from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, U.S.A. do not require an invitation letter for participation.

International and Finland Athletics Club Entry

International Athletics clubs can apply for club entries into the Cross Lapland Half and Full Marathons.

All athletics clubs associated with running International and Finland are eligible to apply for club entries for the 2021-2022 Cross Lapland Marathon. The number of entries allocated to each club based on the number of the first claim registered members over 18 who registered with Recognized Athletics Clubs in your country. Find out your club eligible for entry by filling out the form.

International and Finland University Athletics Groups

If you are a young and enthusiastic runner or running group representing your University, you may have a chance to enter the event under our ballot program. Check your University is eligible for the event or contact us for an eligibility request by filling out the form.

Charity Entry

If you are entering the Cross Lapland Marathon on behalf of your charity, Find out which charities have guaranteed places through our selection. You can apply for your charity entry via registration form if you think you are eligible.

We create entry places for charities to raise funds for causes close to their hearts. Check with us how you can get involved.

Visually Impaired Runners

Runners with a visual impairment who have been successful on the ballot will have the option of running with a guide. Fill the registration form, and we will get in contact with you.

Running Into Old Age

“We can no longer lump everyone in the same boat because of age.”

Join Senior fun running with Cross Lapland Marathon as an apprentice or on behalf of a charity. In recent years, a growing number of senior citizens have begun competing in marathons and triathlons, causing experts to question much of the conventional wisdom about age-related changes in physical capacity. They are often outperforming younger athletes.

Show you are still in good shape. Click here to registration.

Para Athletics Coming on 2022

We decided to include para-athletics groups and solo in the marathon from 2022. You can now pre-register for the event—the first Para athletics running competition in Finland to be Cross Lapland Marathon.

If you already have a champion record, you are automatically entitled to the final run and running show events as an apprentice click here to register.

Age Categories Men / Women

Elite Marathon Europe - Half Marathon Europe - 5K - 10K

Master Marathon Category (1991-2000)

Senior Marathon Category (1990 and older)

Junior Marathon Category (2001-2002)

Read more about our Marathon course, World recorded timing, event timing, prizes on event info page.

Virtual Run

Run from anywhere. Lern more about our virtual run and age groups on virtual run page.

How to Get Here

For more information about how to get here, visit our detailed guide page. guide page.


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