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Security and Safety at Cross Lapland Marathon Europe and Outdoor By CLM.

We have taken into consideration all risk management measures, such as security plans.

We are thankful for coordinating with all affected security concerned departments organized by government officials.

There are guards, overnight guards, EMTs, Police, and Fire standby at the event.

We understand security during the event plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of everyone present. There are specific steps we have taken to protect the event site and its visitors.

We always request from the police to ensure your safety and security, and we have a range of measures to help keep you safe and secure. These include our extensively trained security personnel, bag searches, extensive CCTV across the entire route – as well as other measures that may not be visible.

Whether uniformed security or un-uniformed security, security personnel effectively deter antisocial or criminal activity while offering a careful watch and fast alert response in the event of incidents or accidents.

Our security measures detecting all kinds of security issues in the event. Its Includes Trade Show and marathon spectators, and event participants.

We do everything we can to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. You can help us keep you safe and secure. If you see anything unusual, trust your instincts. Report it immediately to us by phone or dialing 112.

The area marked with white dots on our map has security personals and mobile security cameras.


Your Safety is Our Priority

For your health and well-being, take a COVID test. Be sure you are not exposed. You follow COVID national instructions and guidelines and wear a mask.


Visitors From Overseas

You have tested for COVID by the time you onboard on an aircraft or a couple of days in advance.

We ask you to contribute to society by test again at Helsinki Airport or your arrival port for COVID-19 for your safety.

Stay at Home :

Recommendation - Your Contribution

For a person exposed to COVID, we recommend not to visit the event or participate in any activity.

Exposure :

Apps and Technology

Make sure to download the COVID exposure app and stay alert for exposure.

Test for COVID :

Test & Treatments

If you believe you have been exposed, to COVID 19.

Take a test at the event or nearest medical facility available to the event, stay in quarantine, or if you are not well, admit to the hospital without any delay.

At The Gate :

Pickup Your Free Coffee Coupon

We do not require or will not ask.

For public health & Safety, voluntarily expose your COVID results at the entry.

We will appreciate your contribution. In return, we will grant you a COVID FREE sticker and a coupon for free coffee and snacks.