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  • Travel agents, operators and promoters have presidential access to our event. They are part of our roots. Here you can find our current operators and travel agents from around the world. You may contact them if you are interested in enrolling with C.L.M. event.

    Many runners might not realize what they are missing out on when they travel buying an online ticket and don't use a travel agent. Here are just a few things that your travel agent can do for you when you enter the Cross Lapland Marathon or Outdoor By CLM..

    Their Experience

    Travel agents have more details about our event than what you know, they can guide you how and what to do, cut your cost, finally they can cut your cost more than you buying it yourself on the internet.

    They Got Your Back

    Travel agents have your back If something goes wrong on your trip. They can get your vacation back on track. they build a personal relationship with their customers. unlikely internet shops will finally say we will keep our commission and give you the refund over the phone or by email. This way travel agents can be much more helpful.


    Travel agents have access to more tools than a runner can find on the internet. Find better travel deals, accommodation, local transportation.

    Exclusive Access

    If you run as an elite runner or fun runner we will follow only our ballot selection. Travel agents have exclusive unlimited access to our event Cross Lapland Marathon and Outdoor By CLM. They can put you into the event. You do not need to wait for our ballot results and selection.

    Why Travel Agent For Virtual Run?.

    Travel agents have special discounts and access to both virtual and physical events. When you run virtual you simply think why do I need a travel agent?. Simply because they can verify your details for the elite event. Update Cross Lapland Marathon directly for your medals, diploma, prize winning. Basically they are acting as a part of our event team. Contact your nearest travel agent for the Cross Lapland Marathon.

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