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Promote Your Products at C.L.M


Why Should You?

Choose Outdoor by CLM.

We Are Laid-Back - Nature Friendly - Family Friendly- Exhibitor Friendly - Retail Focused - Consumer-Focused - Event.

Our revenue will continue to donate to the community and charity.

We promote a nature-friendly - healthy lifestyle- sports activities, and day-to-day consumer products and technologies.

The event is admission-free and meets visitors and potential buyers who visit CLM every year.

Safe and friendly location.

Exhibiting will put you in front of the fastest-growing markets.

We use renewable energy to power the whole event.

Enjoy the event and nature activity on the same day, such as camping with your family or taking a boat on the Kemijoki river, hiking in the forest, or enjoying the Finnish sauna.

You are free to visit, open to hang around, free to camp, or go for a picnic, this way, you have time to enjoy yourself with your family, friends and have more time to explore the products and skill zones.

For exhibitors, they can meet their potential buyers while they are having a small picnic and Strengthen business relationships in a face-to-face, nature-friendly environment.

Experience midnight sun and spend the whole evening and night out in nature and enjoy fellow exhibitors and visitors.

Visit - Exhibit - Talk - Promote - Outdoor By CLM

At Outdoor by CLM

We are breaking all the rules of traditional trade show culture with Innovative Ideas.

Two Channels

Virtual and Physical - Exhibit Platforms.

Exhibitors can physically present their products and services at the trade show.

You can simultaneously operate a virtual trade show booth with an existing trade fair booth at the CLM venue.

Talk, chat, show, promote your products and services to potential customers by meeting face to face or virtually.


Nature Friendly - Sustainable Event.

Exhibit at the only eco-friendly, sustainable, outdoor, nature-friendly show in Europe & Nordics.

Meet Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers.

B2B Visitors are buyers, CEOs, business owners, and product managers.

B2C Visitors are real consumers who are interested in Organic-Nature Friendly- Healthy -sporty-lifestyle.

Other visitors are hard-working people and research students.

Talk More About

Nature - Sport- Health - Food- Beauty - Tech - Water - Air - Auto.

Join natural & organic consumer products, beauty products, sports products exhibitors from around the world.

Meet New Tech and software producers.

Experience-Check out your best future eco-friendly car of current auto=mobile models, debuts, concept cars, or out-of-production classics.

Experience Skill Zones and meet your new sports coach or team manager.

Our event promotes Beauty, Sports, Healthy lifestyle seminar program.

Companies are participating in beauty campaigns across Europe.

Take part in the product test to present your brand to visitors and buyers.

Meet manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers and beauty professionals, Sports coaches, and agents from across Europe.

Many Reasons

To Exhibit at Outdoor by CLM.

Outdoor by CLM is an excellent event for new products and innovations.

Meet new potential customers – increase sales.

Educate your buyers – so they can more effectively sell your products to the end consumer.

Research your marketplace and respond to emerging trends.

Network with your peers and make new contacts.

Strengthen business relationships in a face-to-face environment.

Raise brand awareness – increase visibility in the marketplace.

Maximize your investment by meeting new international contacts.

Simultaneously operates virtual booths while you perform at the real exhibition booth, chat, talk, sell products online at the same time.

Collect your data and potential buyers' info from CLM data collection with the visitors who visit your booth virtually and in person.

Enter the Innovation Zone / Skill Zone, where visitors and buyers try out their favourite products or skills.

How to Get Here

More Information about how to get here, visit our detailed guide page.


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