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Original Event Date : 30.8.2021.

Postponement Announcement date : 1 August 2021

NEW EVENT DATE: 20.8.2022


Physical event information is subject to change based on COVID 19 developments.

However, all athletes have confirmed places to be able to participate in our virtual run. You will see an update of physical event cancellation or confirmation on this page 30 days before the event.

All athletes that grant a place at C.L.M. will be able to participate in the 2022 event in a situation of virtual run on August 27, 2021.

2021 Start Times

11.30 -Senior Races

11.45 -Junior Race

12.00 -Men's & Women Race / Marathon Championship and Mass Start

Course Information

FAF Measured & Certified Course.

It starts in the city center of TERVOLA. The length is 21,0975 km for the Half Marathon. 1 Lap.

It starts in the city center of TERVOLA. The length is 42,195 km for the Full Marathon.1.926 Laps.

Timing stops in 3,30 hours for the Half Marathon.

Timing stops in 5,15 hours for the Full Marathon.

Service points with drinks and first aid on the route.

Run in stunning scenery in Finnish Lapland.

To view a larger version of the course map, click the link below.

View Route of-Cross Lapland Half Marathon ( Full Marathon follow the same route x 1.926 distance total of 42.195km)

If You are Running for a Charity

We donate our money to various charities.

If you are running for a charity, your win will be giving to that Charity. It includes your winner's price and part of the marathon revenue. Please make sure to fill pre-registration form with the charity information.

Half Marathon -Prizes for Men / Women

Master category / Junior category / Senior Category / Para Athletics

7.5% of the marathon revenue to winners, plus the following

1. 500 € + Medal and Printed Certificate.

2. 300 € + Medal and Printed Certificate.

3. 200 € + Medal and Printed Certificate.

Full Marathon-Prizes for Men / Women

Master category / Junior category / Senior Category / Para Athletics

12.5% of the marathon revenue to winners, plus the following

1. 1000 € + Medal and Printed Certificate.

2. 500 € + Medal and Printed Certificate.

3. 300 € + + Medal and Printed Certificate.

Attractive extras 55 €

1 Finisher Medal

1 Finisher Printed Signed Certificate

1 Running T-Shirt

Your Energy Boost

In 2018 we initiated the "Travel Lounge " to brace yourself for the upcoming 42,195 km race and to get to know fellow runners in a pleasant atmosphere.

Enjoy a Greek dishes or Oriental buffet, Non-alcoholic drinks as well as a glass of non-alcoholic beer at the following hours:

• Saturday, August 28, 2021 ( 10 am to 9 pm)

• Sanday, August 28, 2021 ( 10 am to 6 pm)

Price made with race entry: €10

Price on site: € 20

Bookable as long as places are available.

Your Race Kit included the following.

BIB number and safety pins

An athlete's wristband- we put it on your wrist at the Marathon Expo.

Wristband-It is your ticket to the start area- do NOT remove it before leaving the finish area.

Rental Tracker Chip, if ordered (your Android or IOS Phone can install our tracker app).

A goody bag, if you ordered the small items drop-off.

Voucher on your bib number for your pre-ordered merchandise from the Marathon collection.

A clothing bag if you ordered the clothing drop-off.

Bag drop-off

With your race kit, you will get a transparent clothing bag and a sticker with your start number for the bag.

Clothing and valuables have to be packed into the clothing bag to enter the starting area.

All objects need to pack separately and loosely. You may not put other bags in your clothing bag.

Any luggage is not allowed within the marathon start and finish area.

You drop off your clothing bag at the indicated tent and retrieve it there after you finish.


We classify our participants in the following categories:

Master Category (1991-2000)

Senior Category (1990 and older)

Junior Category (2001-2002)

There is an additional segmentation within the categories:

Separate rating: Men/Women (Categories according to C.L.M.)

Separate rating: wheelchair athletes/hand cyclists

Tracker Rental

If you have your smartphone, you can install the tracker app and give us your I.D. We will enable it for you. You do not need to pay for the software.

Tracker app guidelines will email to you with the final registration.

If you decide on a rental timing tracker:

1. The one-time rental fee is 50 Euros including active ID.

2. Return the tracker within two hours after the event.

Medical attendance and health examination

The medical care is in the event from the event organizer as well as from additional paramedics. The assigned staff is authorized and obligated to remove runners from the race who are hurt or overexerting.

Every person who decides to run in a marathon should undergo a medical check once a year. This record you must have your own.

Final Instructions

We will email a link with Cross Lapland Marathon instructions to all runners once they have completed the pre-registration process. The Final Instructions contain all the information runners need to have an enjoyable Marathon Day.

The Final Instructions – Finland and international runners – will also be available to view online or to download as a PDF.

Changing Facilities and Parking for Participants.

Participants can change their clothes at the Tervola football arena complex. Park your car. ( Access for permitted persons only )


Refund of the Registration Fee. We apologize for any inconvenience. We cannot refund any registration fees due to the high logistical and organizational effort.

Race Number Transmission

It is not possible to transfer your race number to another person.


The insurance covers some part of the damages to the event or its participants—more information about insurance guidelines, please contact us or download general terms of If Insurance Finland general terms/ running events.

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How to Get Here

For more information about how to get here, visit our detailed guide page. guide page.


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