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Cross Lapland Marathon is now scheduled for 2021.

The Official Cross Lapland Marathon App powered by L&P will be available to view or download on iPhone and Android.

The app provides event week and Race Day information and lets you find and track participants during the race, locate points of interest on the route, and keep up with split times, leaderboard positions, and results as the action unfolds.

The course

If you click the link, it will open the entire route on your phone connecting with google maps. Map also guideline with info on where you should meet your loved ones after the race, where you can view the best, to help you plan where to go on Race Day.


If you are coming by car, find free parking areas on this app. Follow the signs and park your car in one of these areas. You may be subject to fine if you block the event running path.

Bring a Paper Bags or Recycling Bags

You and our responsibility are to keep the city clean, use paper bags or recycling bags to dispose of your trash. Trash cans are located everywhere around the city during the event. Recycling symbols explained the material that goes into each bin.

Do not Litter

As you walk in, you can see the city status. Please try to keep clean as much as possible, do not litter, follow the signs and instructions to get around for recycling bins.

Bring a Bottle

As the organizer of the greatest marathon in Nordic, Cross Lapland Marathon Events also wants to lead the world in mass-participation event sustainability.

You can play your part by ensuring you dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided and bring your refillable water bottles. You can find the nearest place to refill bottles free of charge.

Getting around

With all roads closed (visit our road closures page for more details), the only way to get around is bike or walk. Some bikes rent services available on Race Day. Use one, and this is by far the best way to get around.

Before setting off, you need to prepare – spectating isn’t quite as challenging as marathon training, but it still needs some thought.

Travel light – you will be standing for hours on end, so keep your belongings to a minimum and try and leave as many valuables as you can at home.

Comfortable clothes (especially shoes) are a must. It would be best if you got ready for a typical June day in Tervola, with a light chill, midnight sun, and a bit of wind.

Expect to do lots of walking– healthier for you and environmentally good for us.

You should think carefully before bringing young children; wheelchairs and strollers can also be troublesome. Use cycling paths to get around with baby strollers.

Places to avoid

If you want to follow your loved ones and try to get a glimpse of them as they pass, we suggest that you avoid very crowded areas where it can be challenging to find a viewing spot, hard to move around, and challenging to get in and out.

Busy areas include the last bit of the main road ( Keskustire ) of Tervola from City Hall to Sale Supermarket.


The Start: An accessible viewing platform for the registered disabled is available at the Blue Start as part of the public grandstand located on Keskustie. You can see all of the elite races and mass start from here.

With a valid ticket, you can get entry to the grandstand viewing platform, and those applying must provide proof of disability. Please email helpdesk(at)visittervola.com or contact the event helpdesk on-site to enquire about ticket availability. Tickets are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Spectator routes from Tervola City Hall

The mass race starts at 12.00 from Keskustie 90. We don’t suggest accompanying your runner to the start. The assembly areas are for runners only, so you will have to say goodbye well before race time anyway. There are a couple of options. All runners are entitled to free travel to the start.

There is a lot of space available in the city center and river banks to relax. You can take your family and friends and enjoy the town until the race starts.

Meeting up after the race.

You will be reunited with your runner at the runner meet and greet area in Keskustie 90, Tervola.

Runner meets and greets area.

Runners meet and greet available from 9 am to 11 am at Tervola Sports Arena, then all runners must come to the start point on their own. Runners also have time to warm up in this area.

And finally

Make sure you have the details of your runner’s race number. It is the easiest way for our information points to identify them on our database.

Database available to all the visitors who come to cheers runners on and from 26 June 2021

There will be a PA system in operation throughout the day at the finish; this is only for the official race commentary and emergency announcements, NOT for friends and family seeking lost runners or friends.

TV & Radio coverage

The Cross Lapland Marathon -TV coverage is multi-platform, with the audience able to follow the action on the clmfinland.org website by streaming, the Red Button service, and social media – as well as on traditional mainstream network television and radio.

The core television coverage has dedicated expert presenters, reporters, and commentary teams guiding viewers through the event on TV – including highlights of the Cross Lapland Marathon and Wheelchair Marathon.

Network television will also show highlights of the whole day on news or other categories. Please check TV listings for exact details, as they may change slightly.

If you are a TV or Radio, Blogger that do not have access to our media-news or place at our Press Boot at the event, please contact us via our webpage contact details or visittervola.com

Race Results

Race results will display on our web after a couple of hours when the marathon ends.